Time and Labor Management

Automate employee time tracking with an easy-to-use solution that grows with your company


With Benetech's dynamic scheduling tool, easily assign employees to schedules or vice versa

Job Costing

Gain insights into labor and project costs with virtually unlimited custom list of positions, locations, tasks, or departments

Multi-level Permissions

Customize permissions and approval chains for multiple levels of supervision and accountablility

Time-off Request Tool and Accrual Management

Build custom accrual rules and time-off request workflows for improved absence management and time-off tracking

Affordable Care Act Compliance

Track employee measurement periods and eligibility status, and automate annual IRS report generation and filing

HRIS and Payroll Integration

Leverage the efficiencies gained through automation and single-database integration

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Choose your preferred data collection devices

With flexible integrated options for capturing employee hours, Benetech can help you build the optimal combination of time management systems and devices to track productivity and gain insights into your workforce.
Desktop Punch-in

Employees access personal profiles for online punch-in. Limit access to specific networks and desktop computers.

Integrated Time Clocks

Explore Benetech's vast selection of time-clock hardware systems, to include barcode, magnetic strip, and proxy card readers and biometric alternatives.

Mobile and Offsite

For the dynamic workforce, allow users mobile punch in access with geographic restrictions, or telephony services for remote punch-in and no additional hardware.

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Easy Schedule Writing and Shift Assignment

Dynamic scheduling provides the ability to enter and change schedules on the fly whether they are based on a daily, weekly, or other recurring pattern.

Flexible Time Tracking Packages

Pick a package based on your needs
Feature Standard Package Enhanced Package
Employee/Manager Self-Service ✔+
Permanent Detailed Audit Trail ✔+ ✔+
Timesheet Approval Workflow ✔+
Company Dashboard ✔+
Time-off Request Tool ✔+
Import/Export Utlity ✔+ ✔+
Job Costing ✔+
Accruals ✔+
IP Address/Punch Restricton ✔+
Multiple Pay Periods ✔+
Auto Populated Company Holidays ✔+ ✔+
Application and User Permissions ✔+
Flexible Pay Rules and Rates ✔+
Pay Categories ✔+
Itemized Expense Tracking ✔+
Multiple Time Zones ✔+
Mass Edit Capabilities ✔+
Points Tracking System ✔+
Backup Managers ✔+
Notifications Module ✔+
Exception Tracking ✔+
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ACA Compliance and Reporting

Capture service hours and automate full-time/part-time status determinations by integrating Time and Labor with ACAtrac©
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