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403(b) Administration | FSA/HRA/HSA | Workers’ Compensation | Third Party Claims Administration

403(b) Administration

Benetech offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective 403(b) Administration solution available today. As a leading provider of administrative services to government and tax exempt organizations, Benetech understands the unique challenges facing these organizations in today's evolving business environment.

Benetech's innovative approach to providing 403(b) Administrative Services helps eliminate costs through streamlined processes integrating compliance, administration and access.


Benetech's cloud-based recordkeeping system provides on-demand reporting, accurate and timely testing, and superior audit support. With electronic information sharing via SPARK data files, Plan Sponsors have peace of mind knowing that their plan information is accurate and current.

Our experienced consultants and account executives will work closely with your team to reduce Plan Sponsor liabilities by handling all facets of plan design, document preparation, and compliance monitoring.


Benetech's single electronic remittance of funds alleviates the need for Plan Sponsors to send multiple checks and payments to each approved service provider.

Our common Information Sharing Agreement ensures that approved Service providers abide by terms and conditions designed to protect Plan Sponsors and their participants. Benetech's improved vendor management practices allow for better communication and information sharing between all involved parties. Plan Sponsors can monitor all transactions and access real-time reporting.


Our cloud-based solution provides a unique online experience. Participants may now access current plan information 24/7/365 to make changes, manage loans, distributions, hardships, exchanges, and more.

Participants may utilize our education center and document library, which offers downloadable forms, service provider prospectus, and additional plan information and documents. Our call center is available to all participants for any questions they may have pertaining to their 403(b) Account.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Benetech has developed an industry-first, all-inclusive pricing model. Our participant maintenance fee includes plan design and plan document preparation, implementation, compliance and web access.

As an independent third party administrator, Benetech is here to work on behalf of the Plan Sponsors and their participants.

Flexible Spending Account/Health Reimbursement Arrangement/Health Savings Account (FSA/HRA/HSA)

Benetech's answer to encouraging employee participation in FSA/HRA/HSA programs and simplifying administration is to make claims payment quick and easy.

The debit card eliminates the traditional hassles such as cumbersome claim forms, double out of pocket payments, and waiting for reimbursement checks; meanwhile automating the process of paying for eligible expenses by deducing from the employee’s account. The card can also be used for Dependent Care, Transit, and Tuition Reimbursement plans. Because of its ease of use, the card encourages greater participation and contributions by employees.


  • Drives tax savings by increasing participation and contributions
  • On average, employers realize a 60 percent increase in overall dollars contributed to their plans
  • Adds value to employee benefits at no additional net cost
  • Means of offsetting rising healthcare costs
  • Reduces paperwork and administrative burdens


  • Provides instant access to account funds - no need to use out of pocket dollars
  • Virtually eliminates claim forms
  • No more waiting for reimbursement checks
  • FSA, HRA, HSA, Dependent Care, Transit, and Tuition Plans can all be handled on one card.
  • Employees can check their available account balance 24 hours a day via secure cloud-based access

Workers' Compensation

Expert claim handling is the key to managing a successful plan. Benetech is your partner in managing claims, identifying loss, qualifying its validity, and helping bring it to a prompt, successful conclusion.

Benetech provides aggressive claims administration and cost-control services to effectively deliver a better outcome of your Workers' Compensation claims. Our clients collectively save millions of dollars in claims costs.

Perfecting the Process...

  • Effective claims adjustment
  • Thorough case management
  • Vigilant medical bill review

Benetech's unique approach returns employees to work faster...resulting in immediate savings to you. Our fees are always fixed and inclusive-there is never an unbundled fee, so you know you're getting the best value every day.

Third Party Claims Administration

Need a claims administrator you can trust? Benetech’s claims administration service is dependable, accurate, and timely.

We offer the processing and payment of claims including:

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Disability
  • Prescription Drug

Services Include:

  • Coordinate with the Plan Sponsor to develop claims procedures with benefits personnel.
  • Advisement in developing internal claims procedures and policies.
  • Conduct necessary claim inquiries (coordination of benefits, pre-existing conditions, payment schedules/repricing, etc.)
  • Direct Claim Certification (maintain eligibility)
  • Assist in the design and printing of identification cards
  • Reporting
  • Regulatory reporting as required
  • Customer Service
  • Generation of payments to subscribers and providers

403(b) Administration | FSA/HRA/HSA | Workers’ Compensation | Third Party Claims Administration

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