Plan Continuation

COBRA | Retiree Billing


Benetech has a complete turn-key solution that incorporates all of the necessary administrative features for administering COBRA.

Benetech’s solution can take the worry out of maintaining compliance with Federal and/or State Regulations as it pertains to continuation of coverage and remove the concern about interacting with former employees. Our system takes care of generating notices, communications, forms, billing and collections.

Features Include:

  • Regualtory Compliance
  • Billing and collection of premium
  • ARRA-subsidy calculations and reporting, and
  • Customer service.

Retiree Billing

If you offer medical coverage to retirees, then you know firsthand the challenges associated with premium collections. Benetech’s solution easily manages the communications, billing, collections, and customer service for these continuing retiree benefits programs.

We understand that retiree benefits are complex, often with:

  • Multiple plan options with varying contribution formulas based on length of service, bargaining unit, etc.
  • Geographical challenges due to retirees living in multiple states and regions
  • Need for greater customer service resources

Benetech has a single-source solution that is simple and efficient, which includes:

  • System-generated invoices
  • Flexible payment arrangements (ACH, Debits)
  • Daily posting of accounts
  • Daily deposits
  • Accounts receivable management extensive reporting
  • Customer Service
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