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Medicare Part D/RDS | GASB 45 | TEFRA/DEFRA | FMLA

You have enough things to worry about... regulatory compliance shouldn't be one them. Regulations change frequently and you likely don’t have the extra time and/or administrative staff to keep up with what is now required of you.

Look to us for solutions on how to incorporate procedures into your day-to-day management of your employee benefits programs. We have wealth of resources to stay current on proposed/enacted state and federal regulations.

Medicare Part D/RDS (Retiree Drug Subsidy)

We provide solutions to maximize your subsidy recoveries under the Retiree Drug Subsidy program. We manage all aspects of the RDS process.

  • Complete retiree drug subsidy application (annually)
  • Ongoing RDS reporting
  • Coordinate CMS and carrier communications
  • Coordinate, schedule and submit CMS payment requests

GASB 45 (Governmental Accounting Standards Board)

We can help with the process of developing your GASB 45 actuarial assumptions for the post employment benefits provided to retirees (e.g. health insurance, vision, dental, prescription, etc.).

Our services include:

  • Data collection
  • Preparation and distribution of RFP for actuarial services
  • Facilitation and coordination of data between carriers and vendors
  • Review of final document


Need help wading through the TEFRA/DEFRA determinations regarding primary and secondary coverage? TEFRA (Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act, a federal law) establishes regulations as to whether an employer’s group health plan or Medicare is the primary coverage for a Medicare-eligible individual. DEFRA (Deficit Reduction Act, a federal law) establishes similar regulations for dependents that become eligible for Medicare.

Both regulations are complex – mistakes can be costly and extremely difficult to resolve. Let one of Benetech’s Eligibility Specialists assist you with the initial determinations. Our service will not only save time and money, but also reduce the potential liability related to future claims.

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

Benetech understands the day-to-day challenges and staffing concerns your business faces. Let us shoulder the burden of FMLA and Absence Management and deal with the complex responsibilities of tracking and managing continuous and intermittent FMLA leaves.

Not only are we familiar with Federal and State leave laws, we take the time to learn and understand your current process and policies so we may integrate with and enhance the existing environment for best compliance.

Our client-first approach enables us to be responsive and flexible to your organization’s needs.

  • Implementation & Training
  • Claim Management & Processing
  • Management, Tracking, and Notifications
  • Reporting & Consulting
  • Customer Service
  • Data Protection, Confidentiality, Compliance

Medicare Part D/RDS | GASB 45 | TEFRA/DEFRA | FMLA

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